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You can either Choose to buy Per kilogram (kg) or Whole part.

For Per kilogram (kg),

Our Standard Cutting Size is 1 inch.

For Whole RACK,

  • The price per kilogram (kg) is the same as 1kg price.
  • Whole Rack will be approximately 1.5-3.0kg.
  • Final price will be shown as $0.00 as you need to pay separately via online banking after knowing the exact weight.

--> Procedures:

  1. Place an order selecting Whole as the option.
  2. Price will be $0.00
  3. Select Quantity - Number of Whole Rack.
  4. During Check-out, let us know the sizes you want us to cut or leave it as whole. If there is no instruction, we'll leave it as whole when delivering. 
  5. This will not be included in minimum order as it's $0.00. To reach minimum order, you need to select other products which has pricing.
  6. Place the order and issue payment as per the total amount.
  7. After Order has been placed. Our team will contact you to inform the weight and the price of the parts (Whole)
  8. Kindly make a separate payment for the whole parts.